Mesa's Youth Boxing Program

"The 1on1 Boxing Fitness Youth Boxing Program will enhance your child's focus, confidence, respect, discipline, control and self-defense as they become physically fit."

Mesa, Arizona's Youth Boxing Program

Is for children 9 to 17 years-old interested in boxing and want to learn how to box. Your child will learn basic boxing skills while developing the conditioning of a boxer through jump rope and various boxing drills. Additionally, he or she will learn footwork, punching combinations as well as proper use of the heavy bag in a fun and safe environment.

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Youth Boxing Program participants benefit from:

» Physical fitness

» Improved motor coordination, stamina and strength

» Character development

» Improved grades

» FUN and friends

Each Youth Boxing Program workout incorporates:

» Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning

» Strength, flexibility, control, and coordination training

» Offensive and defensive boxing skills

» Footwork

» Conditioning

» Pad and bag work

The actual boxing workout will consist of two primary forms of training – skill training and conditioning. Children will learn the basic stance, footwork and punches used in boxing. They will also learn how to properly use the boxing equipment and begin conditioning themselves as a boxer would through various boxing drills and bodyweight exercises.

Each noncontact session is a 45 min work out. Participants start off as beginning boxers, progress into fitness boxers and gain the skills necessary to become recreational and even competitive boxers.

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If a participant wishes to move on to become a competitive amateur boxer, 1on1 Boxing Fitness can help him or her register for USA BOXING. This registration is required for participants to spar and compete in USA Boxing Sancationed events. Registration requires an application, birth certificate, (2) passport photos and the annual fee of $55 paid to USA Boxing. 1on1 Boxing Fitness is a registered gym with USA BOXING.

The program takes place Monday thru Friday By Appointment Only

All your child needs to get started is:

» A workout towel

» Water

» Handwraps

» Boxing gloves

» Running shoes

» Regular workout attire

The Youth Boxing Program cost contact for information.
To learn more about the Youth Boxing Program, contact Christopher Terry at... 602-900-2672

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Getting your kids started in boxing when they are young helps children develop:

Children become more self-confident in boxing because they progress at their own pace and are not compared to others.

Better Grades
Being an athlete also means being a better student. In our
Kids Boxing Program, students learn to follow directions, pay attention in class and participate in class activities – skills that are also vital in the classroom.

Boxing challenges the entire body, developing coordination, balance, agility and poise. These traits are often neglected and not fully developed in team sports.

Boxing training will help your child to discover that through self-discipline and perseverance he or she can accomplish almost anything.

Boxing teaches children to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how to react to threats from other kids. Your child will taught to be assertive, not a bully. For life threatening situations only, your child will also learn practical self-defense.

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